Is Honesty the Best Policy?
Is Honesty the Best Policy? unrequited love stories

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There's two options for me: tell the truth, or lie.

Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Is honesty always the best policy?

Sure, when it's something easy, like admitting to breaking a vase, you should be honest

And sure, when it's saying you love someone's new haircut, you should lie

But what about the difficult ones?

The ones that fall in between?

The ones that you aren't sure if being honest will help or hurt.

She's beautiful

Not just on the outside, she's beautiful inside too

My best friend

Who I promised I'd never lie to

But now

Can I tell her the truth?

She's getting married tomorrow

He's a great guy, kind, supportive, if a bit boring

But she tells me she doesn't feel the passion she expected, the excitement

She just feels fine

So should I be honest?

And tell her, the day before her wedding

That it's just cold feet, that she'll be glad to marry him?

Because I'm sure she'll be happy enough with him

Or do I tell her, the day before her wedding

That for the past five years I've been in love with her

And I want her to run away with me

Because I know she would be happy enough with him

But she could be so much more with me

Should I tell her to remember her fiance?

Remember that he's always been perfectly nice

Remember that even though she doesn't feel passion for him, he'll never leave her side

Or should I tell her to remember me?

Remember the passion, the dedication, the electricity between us?

Remember the times when we were dancing at the club, arms around each other's waists, a little bit tipsy, and we felt like we were a part of the music

Remember the flirtatiously teasing debates we fall into late at night, sitting under the stars, where each 'insult' was followed by a thousand compliments

Remember the time we almost kissed, when we were swimming in her pool that night when it felt like everything around us was stars, including us

Remember how we're two peas in a pod, both hungry for adventure and wanting to get the most out of life

Remember how we said one day we'd like to travel the world together, and how we wouldn't have to do it as only friends

She's getting married tomorrow

And they say honesty is the best policy

But would telling her ruin all that we had?

But would not telling her ruin my life?

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