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What is home?


Home is

Warm blankets

Yummy food

Pretty brown eyes

Home is

Knowing which cabinet something is in

Pictures on the wall

Being hugged tight

Home is

Friends who make you laugh even when you're sad

Driving late at night down empty streets

A dog running to the door to meet you

Home is

My new place, far away from my family

With things just the way I like it

And missing someone coming in to mess them up

Home is

Flying back for Christmas

Saying "It's been too long"

Wishing I were back where I just left

Home is


When the people you love are in two different places

And you pack a suitcase to go to the house you grew up in

Home is

A feeling, not a town

The embrace of my mother

Being told, "I missed you so much"

Home is

An impossible combination

Of my new life and love

And the people who watched me grow up

Home is

Being homesick for the people you're not with

And when you are with them

Missing the ones you just left

Home is

Impossible for me to find

So I guess I have two lives

Two homes

One me

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