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A story of a breakup and feeling too much


by aknier

Love's a funny thing He had promised her the world He had promised her forever He had told her than together, they'd be Oh so very very happy

He broke her heart He wanted someone new She struggled to move on It hurt more than you'd think to see another happy facebook post

A year later and they'd reconnected Talking, laughing, happy It was then she realized She kinda, maybe, sorta still had feelings For him

She told him how she felt He said thanks, but he's good where he is She cried But still she told him As long as you're happy

Oh love's a funny thing It doesn't seem to matter at all to the heart What you've been through Oh, as long as he's happy

He says he's happy She's glad he's happy She wants him to be happy, its true

But sometimes she wishes That while he's being happy She would get a chance to be happy too

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