Gone But Not Forgotten
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The graveyard in my mind

Gone But Not Forgotten

My mind is a graveyard of people who haven't died

They're just out of my life now

Because of breakups, time, circumstance, whatever

I don't have a relationship with them anymore

But like a cluttered attic, their memories sit around gathering dust

They may be old


but are still there

Not just the memories of time together

But also the things I no longer have any reason to know

Like my ex's favorite chocolate

Or the birthday of someone who used to be my best friend

Those facts were important, once

Once there were there so easily remembering them were like breathing

I'd made a habit of knowing these things

And habits are hard to break

Enough time has passed, remembering them doesn't cause me pain anymore

But I still feel a twinge of sadness remembering something with no use

Like when I see something that reminds me of a person who's out of my life

And my brain throws up a little flag

Trying to help

And I have to gently remind it that what it flagged isn't important anymore

But my heart still whispers "It was important, once."

And it makes me wonder about the memories of me in other people's heads

Do they see my favorite food in a menu,

Or smell a perfume like mine,

Or schedule an appointment that happens to fall on my birthday,

And think of me?

I like to think they do

Not with any specific emotions attached

I don't care if they miss me, really

Or even hate me

I simply like the idea of being remembered, I think

I think we all do

Because maybe it means that even after we're gone

We're not forgotten

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