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Self-love and moving on Xx

Gardens in my Heart

by aknier

The day you broke up with me, I felt like all the flowers you'd planted in my heart whithered and died all at once

I'd trusted in the light of your love to nourish those flowers

But all at once you were gone

Taking the light with you

Plunging my gardens into darkness. How can a garden live without a sun?

After a few days, I noticed something

Although the sun was gone, stars still twinkled in the sky

That was the love of my friends, my family

There was a tiny crescent moon, too

Even though your love was gone, I was NOT alone

The stars got brighter and brighter every night, and slowly but surely new flowers grew

Some flowers flourish in the starlight

After some time, the crescent moon grew larger, fuller

I realized that that was my self-love

And unlike in the night sky, it didn't wane again, but stayed strong and full.

The gardens of my heart bloom once more

The flowers there love the moonlight, the starlight, they thrive in it.

I know now that even if a new sun comes along, if it leaves again my gardens will not die.

Yes, the sun may shine brighter, but the moon shines longer

There is so much love in my life already

I can survive without your sun

I can thrive without your sun

I can survive without ANY sun

I can THRIVE without any sun

I WILL thrive without any sun

And you will too

Love yourself. Because at the end of the day, you're responsible for the gardens in your heart, not anyone else.

And the flowers you grow look absolutely beautiful.


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