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Unrequited love? Maybe


by aknier

They say time heals all wounds

They say nothing lasts forever

Everything "they" say is a lie

Pain lasts forever

Sure, it can lessen over time

But anyone who says it will completely go away is lying or has never experienced true pain

I have

I met someone when I was young

He made my heart dance and sing

We had the kind of love that would never burn out

The kind of love that made other people roll their eyes when they saw it, even though they were secretly jealous

But time passed

Like it tends to do

My love didn't fade

It stayed strong and true

But our constant, steady flame wasn't enticing enough

His eyes were drawn to dazzling firework displays

Silly boy

How long do fireworks last?

But I couldn't tell him that.

Fireworks end quickly

Pain doesn't

Time doesn't heal all wounds

Even now, when I see him, its a glowing hot knife to the heart

But only for a second

Because the next moment I can't breathe

And the next moment, he smiles at me

And my whole body sets on fire

So no, time doesn't heal all wounds

But it can't erase love either

Because maybe, when the fireworks burn out

He'll be called back to the comforting warmth of the steady fire

And I'll be there

Like I always am

Arms open wide

No matter how much time passes

Because I will always love him

And carry a flame for him in my heart

For the rest of time

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