Burning Love
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I used to think love was fireworks and butterflies

Burning Love

I used to think love was fireworks and butterflies

That it was passion burning bright and hot

That to be in love, it had to be all-consuming

That he was the only one I could ever love

But I've learned that's not the type of love I want

Sure, there's a time and a place for passionate love

And the good times are amazing

But the bad times?

When it was bad, it felt like drowning

Like wearing lead shoes and trying to swim

Like falling and falling and never being sure when you'd hit the bottom

And crying yourself to sleep in the early hours of the morning

And all-consuming love doesn't leave much of you untouched

Sure, it burns brightly but holding it close means when it ends you're left with the scars

No, that's not the kind of love I want

The love I want now is softer, kinder

Like a warm kitten purring on your lap

It's the feeling of taking the first bite of warm soup on a cold day

It's being under the covers during a thunderstorm

No, it's not as exciting or flashy

But it's a steady constant, and comforting hand on your shoulder when you need it most

And that's what I want

Because when it's bad, I may cry

I may hurt

But I don't feel like my soul is splitting in two

And it's not bad nearly as often as it was with him

Because the key distance between the loves?

I thought I needed him

That I'd die without him

Without that dangerous, fiery passion

But you, I know I can survive without

It's just that I don't want to be without you

My love for you is gentle, sweet, a bit fragile

But that's what makes it all the more special

And I'm holding onto it as tightly as I can

Because I know that even if I hold it close to me

If I let go, I won't get burned

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