Bring me Back to Life
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A story of how love can change your life

Bring me Back to Life

I always existed

Never lived

Never felt passion

Just existed

My life was like a cup of coffee made too weak

You still drank it

But were never really satisfied

My life was lacking the essential

Laughter, light, love

I didn't want to die or anything

I just wasn't quite living

My life was like a lukewarm bath

A slightly stale cracker

A pair of shoes just a little too tight

I was fine living that way

Not happy, just fine

But then you tumbled into my life

Red hair and bright eyes all a whirl

And nothing you did was ever halfway

When you laughed, oh how you laughed

When you cried, you sobbed

And when you decided you wanted me

Oh, there was nothing I could do

It was like I'd been sitting in a room as the sun set

And I didn't notice how dark it'd gotten until you ran into the room and flipped on the light

I'd never felt strongly about anything

But you?

I adore you

You added sugar to my coffee

Heat to my bath

Bought me new crackers and shoes

And made me laugh so hard and feel so strongly I felt I'd burst

Now I know what it's truly like to live

So thank you, my darling

For showing me

For waking me up

For bringing me back to life

I didn't think anyone would've been strong enough to do it

But then again, you've always exceeded my expectations

That's why I love you

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