Boys and Girls
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The difference between girls and boys

Boys and Girls

I can do boys

Boys are easy

I’ve been flirting with boys since I knew what flirting was

Giggling with my friends over which boy I currently liked

The answer changed every week

Then I really started dating

And yeah, boys are confusing sometimes

But for the most part, I understood

I knew how to get their attention

I knew what things I could say to drive them crazy

And I knew it was a pretty safe bet that they liked at least my gender

And probably me

But then, I discovered girls

And I realized that although I liked girls just as much as I liked boys

They were infinitely harder

How can you tell what they’re thinking?

How do you know if it counts as flirting or not?

If you invite a boy into your fitting room, he thinks he’s about to get some action

Do the same to a girl, and she’s giving you fashion tips

Its a nightmare!

When you flirt, they say “thanks babe!”

When you touch their arm, they lay on you

When you kiss them, they laugh it off because you’re such good friends

It’s impossible

Totally impossible

To tell her I like her

Because she’s not a boy

So I don’t know what steps to take when flirting

Or how to act in a changing room together

Or even if sending heart emojis means she’s into me or not

I like girls and boys

And flirting with boys is fun

But they will never leave you guessing and breathless and totally confused

Like girls do

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