Balancing Act
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The struggle that is modern dating

Balancing Act

Modern dating is a balancing act

Don't text back right away

But if you take too long, they lose interest

Asking for their snapchat is friendly

If you ask for their number, it's something more

After the first date, if you text them right away you look way too intense

But if you wait to text, they'll think you're not interested

If you send a flirty text, they may take it as a joke

Or like it

Or think you're trying way too hard

And because it's texting, you can't tell

Bringing your relationship to the phone call level is a whole different issue

Wait too long and it feels awkward to start

Call them too soon and they feel overwhelmed

Do you call or facetime?

During the day, or late at night?

What do you do if they decline the call?

It's all too much, too hard, too delicate

It seems that the balance is different for every person

So there's not even a recipe to follow

But I suppose being kind, honest, and taking things slow is a good place to start

Because if you have to change who you are so someone will like you

They're probably not the right person for you

Because the right person will just laugh when you upset the balance

And admit that they feel the same way you do

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