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Bittersweet love story


by aknier

I woke up this morning

Like I have every day for the past year


A breakfast for one

At a table with one chair

A single bowl, a single spoon

There used to be laughter and joy in this house

There used to be platters of pancakes and pitchers of juice

I used to wake up to chatter and clatter and noise

It's quiet now

When I walk into the bathroom in the morning

My solitary toothbrush guards the counter alone

She used to keep her toothbrush right next to it

And her chair next to my chair

And her body next to my body

I used to jump out of bed every day

Now I don't want to awaken

What's the point in getting up anymore?

A year ago, I had a reason

A year ago, I had her

Matching rings on our fingers and those fingers intertwined

Two of everything in our house

She wasn't a good sharer

I teased her about that all the time

"The most generous woman in the world," I'd say, "doesn't want me to use her toothpaste."

She'd dissolve into giggles and give me one of those winning smiles she was famous for

And after that I'd give her whatever she wanted

We were so, so happy.

And then she got sick

They tried every treatment

I was by her side every step of the way

But it was too much for her

She just got sicker and sicker

And then one day

She was gone

I was alone

I wake up alone

I go to sleep alone

Our huge, happy breakfasts and replaced with my single plate

Single cup

And it still leaves me wondering

Wondering why this happened

Why I'm alone

Why I bother getting up in the mornings

Sometimes I'm so close to giving up

But then I remember why I get up every morning

Because she would've wanted me to

Because even though she was the worst sharer in the world

The one thing she always shared with me was joy

And a passion for life

So I know I'm not alone, not really

Because I'll always share a piece of my heart with her

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