A Rainbow Summer
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A summer romance! A combination of the daily prompt "ice" and a prompt "sunshine" from
@stadarooni. Hope you enjoy!

A Rainbow Summer

We sat in the shade of a tall oak tree

My arm loosely around your waist

The temperature kept climbing

But you with your tan legs and oh-so-short shorts

And you hair all messy but looking so good

Looking at you was like drinking a cool glass of ice water

We were debating what we should do

Go to the park?

The gym?

The pool?

When all of a sudden you got that mischievous look on your face

The one when you have a crazy idea

But you know I'll go along with it anyway

You were my sun

Bright and full of energy

I was the rain, calm and steady

But we always seemed to work

You jumped up, all energy and smiles

Like a kid who ate too much cake at a birthday party

You pulled me along behind you, and you couldn't see it

But I was smiling just as big as you

You grabbed the hose, the sprinkler, and a lawn chair

And started to set things up

As you ran sweat trickled down you face

It was that hot outside

But you just looked more gorgeous than ever

When I told you that, you sprayed me with the hose

The water was icy and you soaked my dress

But your gaze was fiery hot

You pulled me under the sprinkler with you, crazy dancing under the water to the music blasting from your phone

I'm not a good dancer

But I danced along, jumping when you jumped, twirling you around

And as we danced under the hot summer sun, the cool drops of water fell down from the sprinkler

And hundreds of rainbows shimmered in the air

But I didn't even look at them

Why would I look away from you?

You giggled and splashed

And I pulled you close

As the song changed to a slow, sweet melody

You put your hands in mine and pulled me close

And we swayed together to the music

After a moment, you rested your head against mine

And in that moment, it felt like summer would never end

And so we danced through the rain and the sunshine

Making our own rainbow as we went

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