A Perfect Day
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What's better than a day at the beach with the one you love?

A Perfect Day

Bare feet sink through the soft white sand

The girls can barely hold themselves up, falling all over each other

The only thing louder than their giggles are the crashing waves in front of them

The blonde girl wraps her arm around the other's waist to hold her up

And at last the girls sink onto the diftwood log they'd been traveling towards for what seemed like ages

They look up at the stars as a cool breeze rushes by

And their warm hands find each other without thinking about it

Their fingers twine together while their eyes gaze up at the sky

"A shooting star!" One of them whispers

And the other closes her eyes, wishing

They sit there for a long time

Both getting colder but neither wanting the beautiful moment to end

As the dark-haired girl shivers, she's suddenly wrapped in her girlfriend's arms

She smiles contentedly, leaning into the warmth

"What did you wish?" She asks

"For more days like today" Her love replies

It had been a perfect day

They'd swam and played and kissed on the beach

They'd eaten ice cream in the summer heat and held hands on the boardwalk

And now it was just them, the ocean, and the stars

Yes, more days like today was a great wish

"But what did you wish?"

She pulls out of their embrace, grabbing her hands instead

"I wished you'd say yes" She replied

"Yes to what?" Her girlfriend asks, confusion on her face

"The question I'm going to ask." She answers

"What question, silly?"

The brown-haired girl sinks down on one knee in the sand

Under the beautiful sky, with the ocean behind them

She pulls a ring from the pocket of her shorts, and whispers,

"Will you marry me?"

And you could barely hear it over the sound of the waves,

But her wish came true

With a whispered "yes"

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