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How my life changed with a glance

A Glance

Crowded room

Too many people

Awkwardly dancing

Sticky floor

Friends wave goodbye

And leave with their girlfriends

I try to make my way to the door

The girl I'd been dancing with shoots me a frown

I shake my head helplessly

Across the room

Standing near the bathroom

I meet your eyes

They seem to call me

Apologetic smile

To the girl

Who I've been half ignoring for three songs too long

Shuffling footsteps

Push through the crowd

Stand by your side at last

Some space to breathe

You ask me my name

I tell you, I think

But I've had one too many drinks to tell

Your hand on my shoulder

Feeling sparkling and dangerous

Should go back to the girl

But "Nick" seems more fun

Your fingers flutter

Down to my wrist

The next thing I know you've pulled me out the door

Cold bricks on my back

Your hot mouth on mine

My mind too full of you for anything else

Several seconds later

Or hours, I'm not sure

You're slipping a paper into my hand

"I have to run, but call me tomorrow"

And you're gone

Like the wind

Leaving me breathless and sad

The next morning,

A headache

Three coffees in bed

I remember the note

Find it in my jeans pocket

And with a leap of faith

Press the numbers, hard

You answer quickly

I remember your voice

Like honey and whisky

And a chance of rain

You laugh when I tell you I'm not normally like this

But accept a dinner invitation

And kiss me again

I see you each day for a week straight, I think

Each time more sparkling and sizzling than the last

And three years later when we're lying in our bed

I remind you how crazy it is

That this all started

With a glance

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