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Dedicated to someone who's always there for me-- you know who you are

A Different Kind of Love

There are countless love stories about falling in love

About romance,



You know the type

But not nearly enough credit is given to the best friends in these stories

When the main character thinks she's been betrayed

Who holds her all night?

Who tells her she's worth more than how he treated her?

Her best friend

And who stands up at her wedding and gives a beautiful speech when they eventually get back together?

The same friend who watched her cry over him a thousand times

Now I know those are only stories

But in real life, it happens too

It's not as cinematic and beautiful

But when you find yourself sobbing at 3 am over a breakup

And there's someone who you know will answer your text

Or if you need someone to hold your hand while you overthink everything,

And there's someone who does it without complaining

That's someone who truly loves you

And the love isn't less important because it's friendship

In fact, you could argue it's more so

Because in a relationship, you can say the other person's getting something out of it

Be it your attention, body, gifts, whatever

But friendship doesn't have that incentive

They love you simply because they do

And yeah, they enjoy your time, company, and help on occasion,

But they give the exact same in return

True friends ask no more of you than what you can give

Unlike a jealous, insecure boyfriend

Or a controlling, unhappy wife

So this story is for the friends who have your back

And that you can trust with your life

Because romantic love is messy

And it grows,

And fades,

And breaks you, sometimes

But friendship is a warm hug on a cold day

A phone call that's always answered

And a person who's always there for you.

So don't take for granted the people who love you unconditionally

Just because you're not dating them

Because at some point, your lover will hurt you

One way or another

And you just might find yourself needing a friend

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