A Deal With the Devil
A Deal With the Devil bittersweet stories

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My message to the woman who broke me

A Deal With the Devil

I made a deal with the devil

That's how you came into my life

I begged and I pleaded for someone


To love me

And you did-

But I forgot to specify.

I wanted someone who'd hold me

And NOT drop me

I wanted someone who'd kiss me

And ONLY me

I wanted someone who would make me fall in love with them

Who would fall in love with me too

I wanted someone who was perfect

And I got you instead

I traded my soul, my first kiss, and a penny

For a woman who'd hold my heart in the palm of her hand

You did that

Until you dropped it on the cold, hard, linoleum floor

And walked away

Does what I'm saying make sense, my dear?

That I asked for someone, and I got you

That I gave everything to have you

Not realizing you'd be the biggest mistake of my life

And now I'm left with nothing

My time, my love, my pride- all gone

And all I have left is a debt too big to ever repay

And I regret ever loving you, kissing you, holding you

Because I thought I knew what I was getting into

I thought I was making a deal with the devil

But what I didn't know

Is that the devil is you

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