“Fading In The Night”
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Your presence and disappearance led me to fight a battle with.. let’s call it the raven. I grew wings and flew higher and higher into the night, even when the timing wasn’t right.

“Fading In The Night”

Maybe, if only you stayed by my side, the world wouldn’t decide to crumble down or fly on by. I would spend the rest of time listing reasons why I’m perfect for you, or why you’re good for me— And as long as the moon controls the sea, I will replay the memories that we shared.

Oh how careless was it of me to dream about a dozen roses, smokeless. I was hopeless when I traded all of them for one stolen, semi-permanent disaster.

Altered thoughts, and blinded vision followed me for weeks because of one mistake that I believed was going to be discreet.

Every mistake I have made, I got back on my feet and fought the urge to be heard.

But now, everything with meaning seems to run out like an hourglass with a few seconds of sand.

That bird with roots seems more lost than before. With every gust of wind, every loss or win, every search within, I can’t even begin to come up with a reason to live. And the raven was persistent,

Oh, was he persistent. He returned day after day just to listen to the set of tracks in my brain, But he too faded away.

The rain washed him away in the middle of a restless night. I should’ve known that the timing wasn’t right to let him fly away. I should’ve known.

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