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Villain With a Kind Heart


OC age: 14

OC name: Yuki Tsubaki

_Chapter 1_

Today was a day in April when the rain just wouldn't stop, and the clouds only got thicker by the minute.

The clouds drowned out any bit of sunlight the day had left and corrupted the air with showers of hard rain that kept pretty much anyone from going outside and being swept away by the wind.

I could see people outside, but not many, maybe two or three.

It was days like this when I felt like I wanted to go outside the most, even though it was almost physically impossible for me, a febal and skinny person, to even step foot out there.

The rain was getting worse as minutes passed by, I could even hear the thunder getting louder and more frequent. A storm was most definitely brewing.

I sat at the League of Villain's bar in Kamino where Kurogiri, a bartender and close friend of mine, is usually at.

He's usually only serving apple juice or orange juice since many of the League of Villain's are underage, like me.

Being a member of the League of Villains can get a bit sadistic, but I still consider them as my family. Even with all the blood and death involved, I couldn't hate them.

"We're back!" I heard the front door to the bar open. Toga, Mr. Compress, and Dabi walk through the door. All except Toga looked exhausted.

Toga skips over to me, with a gleeful face, yet a sadistic look "I got to see Midoriya again," she sat down at Kurogiri's bar and slumped in her chair,

you could practically see the hearts above her head. "He was so bloody! I wish I had taken a photo..." She said laughing.

I've never actually seen this Midoriya in person, or in photos, or any of the U.A.

students, but from what I hear about the massive battles of the number of villains they've conquered and defeated, they sound dangerous.

I sipped my orange juice as I watched Dabi and Mr. Compress take a seat and relax for a minute before Shigaraki enters the room and asks how the mission went.

"We lost two of them, just the pawns though..." Dabi said, lifting his head up and exhaling. Dabi was referring to Moonfish, the metal teeth guy. And Mustard, the sleeping gas student.

I knew they'd be gone in less than a week, they were only C-ranked villains with no common sense at all.

Toga was happily in her own make believe land where Midoryia existed for her liking. Mr. Compress was talking with Dabi and Shigaraki while Kurogiri and I stood silent.

At first I was curious as to what happened during the mission but quickly lost that interest when Shigraki started to itch his neck.

I didn't like what came after Shigaraki's itching so I got up and grabbed an umbrella kept next to the front door and went outside.

Soon after I left, I heard Two-Face screech and then remain calm, but then soon screech again. He couldn't pick one emotion, now could he?

I sighed and took a deep breath. "How much worse can this day be?" I said to myself, not knowing that the day, wound in fact, get worse. Much worse.

I walked for a minute in the rain with my umbrella fighting the wind, but decided to go back.

I knew that no matter how much I wanted to be in the rain and feel the water and wind on my shoulders, I was just too weak and the wind was too strong. But being weak isn't always bad.

It has downsides, yes, but I always made sure I let my opponent think of the highest chance of success so I could strike when the time was right...

But I never got that chance.

"Yo, kid!" I heard a voice from within the rain, but it was hard to see with all the fog forming. Then I heard an explosion, and felt the ground beneath me shake. "Kid, I said look out!"

"Misaki," I whispered. A small cloud of smoke formed and created a quirkusing-woman.. Misaki.

Misaki was a ghost that lived her life on Earth with peace and always fled the violence, but in any time of need I can summon her and she'd help me.

// My name is Yuki Tsubaki, and my quirk is 'Undead'. I can summon the spirits of lost ones, otherwise known as ghosts, and use their quirk to my advantage.

My quirk has a downside though, I have to eat healthy for the quirk to work right. Which means no sweets, ever. //

"Get out of there, kid!" I heard the same person, and the voice sounded irritated. Like it was angry at me, or whatever it was angry at.

I couldn't speak. Misaki was leading me out of the fog and rain, but she too had no idea where to go. I started to get scared. If it's one thing I fear the most, it's death.

"Master Tsubaki, you trust me with your life do you not?"Misaki asked, I nodded. She smiled, "good," and disappeared. There's another downside to my quirk, they can leave whenever they want.

I was so overwhelmed with fear that I finally spoke out. "H-Help me!" I screamed, my voice broke out.

Before I knew it, I was being grasped by two comforting hands. I didn't know who it was, or what they looked like but I couldn't let go. Instead, I held on tighter.

I squeezed them and cried in their shoulder.

"Are you okay?" The voice said. It was a different voice from before, and I was curious to see what they looked like. I lifted my head and wiped my tears with my hands to see better.

"Are you hurt?" He asked again, he was sweating and didn't know if he should let go of me or not.

I shook my head. I was fine, but the fear kept me from saying anything. I could finally see the man in clear vision.

He has a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair which stood up at odd ends around his head.

He had a matching light green outfit on, which reminded me of All Might because of the ends that stick up on his hood.

"Deku! We need you!" The other voice said, irritated. I could now see that person through a shrivel of open fog. His voice was more frightening than his appearance.

He has short, spiky ash-blond hair with choppy bangs that hang over his eyebrows. Even though his eyes were sharp and bright red in color, I could tell he's a great hero of wonders.

He darted through the fog and amazingly shot explosions through his hands.

"Coming!" The man in green hair said, I now knew his name. Deku. He tried to pull me off of him, but I wasn't going to let go. He patted my head and said "It's going to be okay...

" and smiled "because I'll be here when this is all over." Then he left to join his friend in fighting.

I watched for minutes, but felt like hours. I watched as they bled, bruised, and broke their body. This is what it meant to be a hero. Destroy your body for others.

I couldn't watch as they destroyed their body for me, an already destroyed person.

Complete word count of Chapter 1: 6553

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