Suddenly. (His Side)
Suddenly. (His Side) his stories
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This is his side. Or I just guessing...

Suddenly. (His Side)

"My heart burnt to ache," I remember her kept saying that. But I didn't get it. She was smiling and laughing. But her eyes. God, her eyes. I can't stop thinking that something went wrong.

But I knew her. She won't tell.

"I love you." I told her that every day. But I don't know why. I think she didn't believe me.

We kept doing those routines. Woke up, call on the phone, went to bed. And nothing was wrong. Or it was? I wasn't pay attention. Or I did?

"I'm bored." That's the only thing she said. I guessed, that's why.

And since that time, I didn't know her anymore. And I'm in the middle of something else. I didn't know that she wasn't okay. I am scared to ask. I'm scared that I would ruining this.

And we will have the fight again.

But I was wrong. We weren't okay.

And suddenly, bored is the only word that crossed in my mind.

I lost my interest.

This, wasn't fun anymore.

But I love her.

I really do.

I just, can't.

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