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Aria Laken is a senior at Gelesia High School in Gelesia, Maine that wants to get it all done and over with. The notorious Div Dimakos is in nearly all her classes, and she hates it. From the girls always trying to smother him, to his outlandish outbursts in class, Aria wanted nothing to do with Div. However, Div hides a secret that many do not know about. He is a siren, and he uses his musical talent to get what he wants, whether that be women or record deals. One day, he notices that one person is immune to his song- Aria. Div is set on finding out what makes her immune, and wants to make her fall for his song.


The Soul of Soteria | OLD WORK

As Aria made her way down the hall, she saw the large crowd gathering around the practice room in the music hall. 'Great, it's him again,' she thought as she turned the corner.

'I have no idea why the girls here are so fascinated by his face.' Aria sighed and quietly made her way to her class, wanting the squealing girls down the hall to quiet down.

She took out her violin and began to play her own tune, which could be mistaken for Mozart or Bach. No, this was her piece.

Her talent exceeded all who went to her high school, but she was too shy to play for anyone that was willing to listen. Her hands would freeze up and the bow would not move.

She would stand there, frozen in time while everything else was moving on.

As the elegant tune escaped the violin, an unwelcomed guest was listening in on her. Div, the most popular guy in school, was listening to her music. A smirk played on his face.

'She'll be my next target. I'll break her heart in the worst way possible. Her cries will be just as pretty as her music.

' As the sinister thought crossed his mind, a tall boy about his age came through the door with dorky glasses, a plaid shirt, and some jeans. 'That style is so outdated...' Div snickered.

Aria stopped playing as soon as she saw the boy and smiled.

"Lyon! I was worried you wouldn't come." She exclaimed as she put her instrument down.

"I come every day, Ari. Unless I'm sick and dying, I'll always come talk to you." Lyon smiled down at Aria with his kind, chestnut brown eyes.

'He's that know-it-all kid that's at the top of the class. Nerd...' Div crossed his arms and exited the room. 'She'll definitely be fun to break.

' Once again, a smirk appeared on his face and continued to show was in his next class.

It was now lunch, and Aria made her way to the football field to enjoy her meal in peace and quiet.

The loud lunchroom was tense and packed with students that had absolutely no consideration for anybody but themselves, so she strolled out to the football fields and never looked back.

'I wonder if Lyon is asking anyone to the school dance next month. It sounds like a fun place to hang out with him.' She smiled at the thought. Lyon was her one and only friend.

He had never betrayed her and always defended her, even if she was the one at fault.

In seconds, a voice that was as smooth as silk began to fill the air. Aria looked around, trying to find the source, but what she found disappointed her. It was Div, which made her sigh.

"Can you please go away? I don't need you to ruin the peace and quiet of the outdoor world with your singing." She called. Div stopped, shocked.

'How come she isn't affected? A Siren's voice is irresistible! She should be coming closer and want to be with me.' Div thought.

"Oh, sorry! I, uh.... I didn't know you were there!" He said, laughing a bit.

Glaring at him, she said in gritted teeth, "Just leave already. I don't want to be in the presence of a popular guy. You'll obviously try to play me or something.

" She rolled her eyes, taking another bite of her lunch. Div's eyes lit up when he realized this would be his chance to find out the reason she wasn't affected by his singing.

He sat next to her and got his phone out.

"Selfie!" He cheered as he took the photo. Aria looked away and let out another sigh.

"Go away..."

"Why don't you like me? I'm a nice guy..." He pouted.

"I just don't want to deal with you. You're a player and you're known as the school's 'bad boy'.

All the teachers hate you, you always get in trouble, and you clearly have every girl in the school to use as your own little army.

I want to avoid you as much as possible so I don't get mistaken as one of those minions." Div's eye twitched in irritation.

"You're the only girl in the school that doesn't like me. No one can resist my musical talent."

"I hope you realize you're not the only person ever to have a musical talent." Aria snapped a bit, getting more irritated as each second passed.

"I have the best musical talent, sweetheart. Last time I checked, I've had three different offers from famous artists to be featured in their album." He scoffed, "Of course, I said no.

My talent is too good for them."

"Man, your ego is absolutely massive. How can your brain even support something like that?" Aria smirked as she noticed Div's anger boiling over.

He abruptly stood up and stomped away without a word, trying to calm down by humming a little tune. 'That had to be the best thing I've ever done! So much for being a ladies man.

He can't even handle my sass!' She silently laughed to herself as the thought crossed her mind.

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