Trans transgender stories
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aketto 21, trans man, poet, offbeat.
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I'm simply trans and proud.


Trans, what a word.

It's not like it's unheard

of. Is it?

Did I miss it

when the world suddenly opened up?

Guess I must've blinked.

And suddenly I was three years

down this road.

Going home.

It's not that I'm

becoming someone new,

but rather someone I've always been.

Is it a sin

to try and stake my claim

before it's too late?

Well if it is

guess I'll spend my days in hell

with the loving community that knows me well.

If you can't tell

I'm being sarcastic.

My new way of thought is cataclysmic

to your old ways.

I smile and face my day

with pride.

Trans, what a wonderful word.

Like a phoenix,

rise and be heard.

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