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aketto 21, trans man, poet, offbeat.
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A seasonal poem written for an old love of mine. It really shows my personal growth from hardship.


Your savagery became my compass.

Your obsession with coming out on top

Made me fall leaves beneath your feet,

Crunching and dated, dry and discolored.

That's one way to see the season, but

What a wrongful interpretation of me.

You don't get to decide who I am after I've

Fallen from my branches. I took that leap.

To survive you, I became a better me.

I am who I am, the autumn leaves swirling

From the highest bow of the tree outside

Your house. I am a breathtaking crimson.

You try to crush me under you, but

I'm fresh fallen facing you, fire red.

You're a joke in my head, and when you

Slept beside me, I thought of how deeply

I wanted the summer of my life to last.

Now, dear, my autumn has nearly passed.

And I am a new season, I'm the snow that

Blanketed the ground outside my window

This morning. And I am the scent of a fire

Wafting through the quickly cooling air.

I am the evergreen that stands strong

Under layers upon layers of white.

And I'll be the northern star, smoothly

Drifting, a diamond in the winter night.

And forever I'll be my own compass.

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