"LOVE ME TILL THE END..." (Part 2)
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This story is about a girl who was living simple and happy life but suddenly some sad incidents happened in her life that she lost everything but a person came in her life who protect her and love her...

"LOVE ME TILL THE END..." (Part 2)

Weeks have passed since Liam's death. Amelia became silent, Ava was very upset to see her. Conditions at home were also very bad. Ava started working where her husband worked.

Conditions at home improved a little bit and Ava enrolled Amelia in college. The boss of the same office James liked Ava because she was beautiful and smart. James asked Ava to marry him.

James had no problem with Ava's past and her daughter because the boss was already divorced and he also had a young daughter.

Ava married her boss because of the circumstances at home and the lure of wealth. Amelia was not happy with this marriage. The boss took Ava and Amelia to his house.

Ava took less care of Amelia and more of her stepdaughter Kelly. Amelia started hating her mother and she missed her father very much. she was very fond of remembering her past and happy life.

All of Ava's wishes came true and she changed completely. Amelia hated her stepfather and his daughter and they also did not like her.

One day Ava gave the good news that she was about to become a mother. Amelia becomes very angry when she heard about it. she goes to her room locked the door and started crying.

James and Kelly were very happy. Ava tried to persuade Amelia, but Amelia was upset and refused.

to be continued....

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