Let It Go
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he happy, love yourself, don't let people hurt you...

Let It Go

I know you are going through a lot when things do not fall in the right place. I know it's difficult to pick up your broken pieces again without the need to cry in the corner every night.

Trust me these are just the bad days, my love, and it will go. I know it's easier to say than doing it but I know it will take time.

Everything will be the way you wanted it because you deserve what is the best and awesome.

I know how you feel towards your scars and how they make you feel unwanted or unloved, but it is a part of the struggles you have gone through and you know what the best part?

you are still alive. you know what? these scars make you unique and beautiful.

It explains how strong you are inside out to be proud of who you are and start loving yourself. The world may not see that but don't underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with someone else.

You are beautiful in your own way you are worthy and strong enough to tolerate all this pain alone no one was there to give a hand for help,

so start accepting all your past and present and again YOU ARE ENOUGH FOR YOURSELF. people will just judge you and will leave you alone so don't waste your life on them. you deserve love and happiness don't let the world put you down.

I assure you that someday it will be exactly what you wished for just keep your whole trust in God's plan. Be strong and learn forgiving people for their betrayal.

its not in your hands you tried to give them love and happiness they won't deserve but in return, they don't want to be with you, and it's not your fault,

although leaving and departing is a part of life.

The night is the most difficult part of your whole day. It is so hard to spend your night without crying over uncountable Memories and emotions. it's not easy to let it go but sometimes you

have to let it go for your own sake. Don't hold your emotions back, sometimes letting them go is the best decision you will ever make. don't put yourself in thousands of chains.

Let yourself set you free. Your soul and your heart will find their own way. you can't go well in life until you let go of your past and heartbreaks and accept your present.

let your scars Heal. Open your curtains, let The sunshine of the new day lighting up your darkroom, and let those destructive memories fade away.

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