Lost and Found!!
Lost and Found!! stories

akankshavCommunity member
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A heartfelt poetry again instantly done. Life needs a purpose without which one’s life is incomplete.

Lost and Found!!

I feel, not me, no me, no more, The essence, The glory, The dignity, the virtue, The wholeness, all gone of me.

Have I lost myself ? Where did I lose it ? Whom did I lose it ? How did I lose it ? A lot of questions, Don’t know where to find the answers.

Tried looking inside me, Emptiness scarcely found. Tried asking myself, not a sole word came out.

What to do ? Where to go ? Where do I find myself back ? Where to find my answers?

Seeking for the answers and seeking myself, Immersed in God somewhat myself. But God helps those, who helps themselves, learnt this long long ago, Yet, couldn’t keep this so close.

Tried helping myself, don’t know the ways. But, something struck to my mind, Life needs a purpose, and, when perceived at time, One soar high, With all the joy

In the Euphoric atmosphere all around, The purpose of life, makes one again liven, All the glories, The beauties, to relish again. Discovering oneself is the ultimate goal, Even the diamonds, come from the coal!

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