The Scandal
The Scandal ghost stories
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When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. Save your breath.

The Scandal

It was a nice, sunny day.

Students were about to start an excursion trip, they entitled the day as ''Excursion day'', the only lucky day for every student, but the mood inside the bus was quite unlike.

Everyone was gloomy, no one looked overwhelmed, but everybody was gossiping about the incident that took place three days ago, the death of their beloved classmate.

It mystified everyone to know, was it an accident, suicide or.. a murder?? The bus started, and the atmosphere same as before. After a while, a strike hit the bus.

Within moments, the bus shattered.

Jane- What just happened? Where am I? (struggling to get up from the floor, see around the sky's grey) What am I doing at the school? And where's everyone (talking to herself) Is someone here?

(shouting as moving forward)

Myrtle- Help! I am stuck in here. Could you please pull me out? (crying under the fallen tree log)

Jane- How did you get stuck in there?

Myrtle- I don't know. The moment I opened my eyes, I was in this state.

Jane- Wait, I'll search for someone to help. (saying so, she ran towards the building, panicking and searching for help) HELP!! (she yelled inside the building and someone from behind spoke)

Tyler- Hey, you are also here. I thought I was the only one left here.

(Without saying a word, she grabbed his hand and ran forward)

Tyler- What in the world are you doing? (he pulled his hand)

Jane- Would you mind helping us? I am sorry for rushing, but it was necessary. (showing him the fallen log)

Tyler- Well that would be difficult, but I'll try.

They both pulled the tree up. It was very hard but at last they were successful.

Myrtle- Phew, that was scary, being stuck.

Jane- Who are you?

Myrtle- Oh, let me introduce myself, I am Myrtle, grade 9 ,section D.

Jane- So, that's why I have never seen you and who are you?

Tyler- Me? I am Tyler from section C and you miss ?

Jane- I am Jane, grade 9, section A.

Tyler- So, we are captured in this virtual horror game.

Jane- Enough! ..... We were on a trip and how did we end up here? Just the three of us? That makes little sense at all.

Myrtle- Maybe it's because of the ghost of that girl, who died last Sunday.

Tyler- Hmm. I agree.

Jane- Are you two insane? There's no such thing like ghost, it must be some scientific phenomenon.

Tyler- Wouldn't it be better if you keep your thoughts to yourself? I am going home and if anyone is interested, then follow me to the main gate.

The three started walking towards the main gate but ended up meeting another classmate.

Jane- Luna, you are here too?

Luna- Jane, I was so scared when I found out I was here suddenly. Thank God, you are also here now and ...... who are they?

Jane- They are Tyler and Myrtle from different sections.

Luna-Your name sounds familiar, I guess.


Myrtle- Oh no, it might rain soon, we should find a shelter.

Tyler- Lets move faster towards the gate.

They were shocked to find a lock on the gate; it started raining heavily, so; they settled down inside a near storage room as they can't climb such a huge fence.

Jane- Guess we have to spend the night here. (A place with loads of junk)

No one uttered a word, and the night passed. The very next morning;

Luna- Where is she?

Tyler- You mean Myrtle, maybe she's walking around.

They searched for her, but disappointed.

Luna- Is she lost or something?

Jane- She couldn't go outside by herself, could she?

Tyler- First, let's go to the office to find the keys.

The girls nodded.


Luna- Looks like no one's here too.

Speaker 5- What are you all doing here?

They jumped, frightened by the voice.

Jane- It's miss Seyra, the librarian.

Luna- You scared us, phew.

Seyra- What are you kids doing here on Saturday?

All three together- WHAT??

Jane- But miss today is Thursday as yesterday was our excursion.

Seyra- Are you all fine, the trip was two days ago. See, today's Saturday.

(Showing them the date and day on her cell phone)

Luna-This is getting more confusing.

Tyler- Look what I have found.

Jane- It's the name list of students going to the trip, what's it to be stunned?

Tyler- Look carefully, none of our name has been mentioned.

Luna- What? But we had filled up the form together, didn't we? Jane?

Jane- Yeah, and here isn't Myrtle's name as well.

Seyra- What did you just say?

Jane- Our names aren't mentioned here.

Seyra- No, you said Myrtle and the trip? Do you know her?

Tyler- Yeah, she was stuck under a tree log and we pulled her out.

Seyra- She's dead. She died last Sunday when the tree accidentally fell on her.

The three of them widened their eyes. Well, it's a confusing ending!

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