Lost Life
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aka 𝓐𝓫𝓻π“ͺ𝓬π“ͺ𝓭π“ͺ𝓫𝓻π“ͺ.⭐️
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The lost dream which never came true.

Lost Life

Once when I was small

Guess it was a fall.

I dreamt of a happy and perfect life

Suddenly came to me, my father's wife

With a stick one her hand

I was afraid to utter a word and

She threw me in a cave.

For hours , I cried hard to escape

When I became quiet

There came a light

At last my mother came

To show me what she earned, more like a fame

Maybe then I despised her

For the mistakes she'd done for

She ignored me when I needed her the most

From then she completely lost my trust

I never became able to dream then

Like fairy tale which seemed insane

It's been years now.

But I still despise to dream somehow.

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