Two Souls
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How two souls keep finding each other.

Two Souls

There sat two souls in a galaxy whose love could not falter. No matter how far the other traveled they always found each other.

Though despite what bright lights they brought to the universe there was one who was jealous. You see darkness hated them and made its goal to rid the universe of the two souls.

The darkness constantly would reach its grasp out and take one of the souls and extinguish its light so he could hide it from the other.

It would then through the soul lightyears away or even different universes. It would do anything to keep them from burning their light so bright.

Though no matter what the darkness tried they always found each other. So, darkness demanded one day to know their secret.

It asked them "how do you always find each other no matter where I hide the other." The souls smiled and shined their colors brightly and told him the answer was easy.

"Our love is so great that we never give up and if we don't give up, we will find the other. The journey is never easy but knowing what the end holds keeps us going.

" The darkness couldn't understand such nonsense due to being alone for so long. To this day he still separates the two souls trying to keep them apart.

We now call them soul mates and they still till this day find the other. Though it may not be as quick as they like, in the end, they always find the other.

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