Thoughts Late at Night
Thoughts Late at Night insomnia stories

ajinfinity Cunning, ambitious, and a dash of crazy.
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Late night thoughts while going through insomnia.

Thoughts Late at Night

The house is dark and quiet

As my thoughts overwhelm my head

Everyone sleeping peacefully

As the chaos takeovers my brain

I find myself thinking about things that make me uncomfortable.

Mistakes iv made or all my irrational fears

Unable to stop the motion that's been set forth

I remember the medicine in my drawer for times like this

But still, feel reluctant to take it

I know it can help me in my moment of need

But the paranoia has taken over and I find myself in a panic

Not daring to wake my loved one as I relive all my fears

I'm waiting for that sweet bliss of sleep to finally save me.

So I can start a new day with no fear until the night creeps again.

I find myself asking why in like this with no answer.

I just have to make it through the night again

Bc in the day I'm a different person

Happy and cheerful like no one could touch her

No one knows that nightfall is my weakness.

Where the darkest part of my mind creeps out amongst the shadows.

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