The Shipwrecked Crew
The Shipwrecked Crew mentalillness stories
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ajinfinity Cunning, ambitious, and a dash of crazy.
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Fighting against mental illness

The Shipwrecked Crew

The sudden shift of my mind as it falls into the sea of chaos. No time for me to reach for a lifesaver to float on.

Just the overwhelming feeling of sinking into the abyss. I try to swim to shore but always come short and miss.

Though perhaps I could reach my hand out for aid. Someone to help me out of the chaos my mind made. But what if I reach out and find a monster instead.

Wanting to drag me down and rip me to shreds. So I panic and struggle to stay afloat. And hopefully, the water doesn't fill my throat. As I keep pushing my way to the shore.

With only the hope ill learn to fly and soar. Because after the chaos in the sea subsides. I realize I'm free and need to be a guide

For those still drowning in the sea. Because I'm not a monster and I'm set free. So if you're struggling and need a hand. And are stuck in the sea searching for land.

Call out to me and ill search to find you. Then together we can save those who never knew and welcome them on our shipwrecked crew.

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