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ajinfinity Cunning, ambitious, and a dash of crazy.
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Rantings of a madwoman?


What makes us feel free.

A day of rest with no obligations? Finding a new job that isn't as stressful? Finishing all your schoolwork before its due? Maybe even leaving a relationship that was toxic.

Iv thought a lot about what it would take to make me feel free. Then I realized in order for me to achieve this I would have to put myself under extreme amounts of stress.

Though as I comb through all the things I would have to do I wonder if this is something that we put on ourselves. Some completely imaginary force saying you have to do it this way.

So what if I just don't. What if I say screw that way and let me make my own.

Would I still be just as successful or would I fail for trying to take the easy way out?

This constantly runs through my head as I work a job I hate or try to accomplish a homework assignment I'm just clueless on. So what would you do? Make an easier path or just take the hard road?

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