A Start
A Start lgbtq stories
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ajinfinity Cunning, ambitious, and a dash of crazy.
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A poem about meeting my wife.

A Start

I remember that very first night That you set my heart alight Like a piece that was missing In a soul that needed fixing

Then you spent the night And we stayed up till daylight Talking about unusual things As our souls tied into a string

So, we walked around an old town One that had let us both down I showed you my favorite place And you the look of shock on your face

It was your old childhood home One who's yard you used to roam Right then I knew it was fate That I had found my soulmate

I still see you as that very same girl The one who sent my life for a whirl She makes my heart skip a beat And sends heat to my cheeks

Our adventures have only started One that we have only begun charting I cant wait to see what's next A chapter with brand new text

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