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Why feel so afraid of knowledge?

Why do we judge things we don't understand?

Why do we worry about things we can’t control?

Where is heaven really, is it somewhere in the sky, or is it hidden in our hearts?

What does our lyrics do to you? Do they just cheer you up, or do you let them resonate?

Do our eyes adjust to the light, do we just get used to it?

Do the stars disappear when the blind look in the sky, simply because they fail to see what is there the whole time

We weren't gonna make it, but then again we were meant to.

We were far from grace, how did we make it here?

Yea I'm a good guy, sometimes!

I believe only God is good all the time!

What scares you?

Falling short?

Doing too much?

Falling from a height?

Being too low to fall?

How did life go from [11+1] to [2x^2+14x-60(8+13-9)!]?

Does the future ever scare you?

Does the past even dare you?

I think I'm gonna die alone

How about you?

Do I even like myself?

Donno! Tell me!

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