Blasting Britney Spears in the Bathroom
Blasting Britney Spears in the Bathroom poetry stories

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Have you ever been so in love, yet knew it wouldn't last?

Blasting Britney Spears in the Bathroom

singing in the shower peaking through the curtain to roll my eyes at you when you despise the life you're trapped in the mental state you exist in and know you could be better, but you're too exhausted to try

when you'd rather be anywhere else but here on those days you just want to distract yourself from reality

you find the little things to smile about and the lovers that make you forget the people that offer a short, sweet silence from your cynical mind

so we blasted Britney Spears in the bathroom I turned the volume up and fixed my hair did my makeup in the steamy mirror this could never last

so we laughed while we could in blissful ignorance but when it's over when it's years down the road I'll still sing in the shower blasting Britney Spears for memories sake

on lonely nights and empty days I'll remember the memories we made singing stupid songs in the shower

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