vows (again)
vows (again) romance stories

ajaddison tired, gay, and infinitely small
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today's prompt: rewrite an older poem/story in a new format. so here, have a sonnet

vows (again)

If you will take me, here and as we are,

Because of and despite my endless flaws,

I promise I shall never wander far.

My heart belongs right here, entwined with yours.

When you are caught out there beneath the rain,

I’ll run to you and kiss you in the wet.

A thousand strands of silver in your mane,

A thousand more than were the day we met.

If you might sway your heart to stay with mine,

The night will no more hold such fears for you.

The brightest moon could not hope to outshine

The smile that you gift, when fears are through.

I love you, dear, and no more can I say,

But that i’ll remain, long as you let me stay.

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