the finish line
the finish line sad stories

ajaddison tired, gay, and infinitely small
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throwback to ages ago when i was just getting into the joys of clinical depression, can i get a hell yeah

the finish line

Run run run,

The shadows whisper,

With their voices of jagged razored melody

While my breath is acid in my lungs.

Don't look back

Don't look down

So I run.

Run run run,

The winds hiss,

Their blood-slick fingers trailing along my nape,

While unborn screams fade to dust in my throat.

We will hunt you

We will find you

So I run.

Run run run,

My demons croon,

Breath ember-hot on my cheek,

While I plead and pray to long-dead stars.

Just keep running

Just keep hurting

So I run.

Run run run,

The sparrows cry,

Safe on wings of blissful ignorance,

While my bones crack underneath me.

You’ll be fine!

It doesn’t hurt to run!

So I run.

Hush, love,

The forest murmurs,

Reaching out gentle tendrils of understanding,

To brush my aching mind.

You've run enough

You've fought enough

So I fall.

I fall

And fall

And fall

Into the blissful silk of oblivion.

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