Love— the best antidote there is.
Love— the best antidote there is. thoughts stories

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Heal the World

Love— the best antidote there is.

In a world where everything is superficial. Teach yourself to Love. Because only Love— the best antidote there is.

The world is full of irony these days, one of which is initiating war to acquire peace. The war keeps raging on, yet people turn a blind eye to, to this horrific truth about our society.

Innocent people die every second because we tolerate such act and millions of people were persecuted because of indifference.

Another irony is people are fond of technological advances without considering its impact to our nature. Mountains have been leveled and transformed to commercial areas just so they can satisfy their personal needs.

Government leaders used their power to coerce the people; they value money more than anything; and these pretentious leaders will do anything to gain more, even if it means risking innocent lives of this nation.

The shepherds then became the ultimate evil, when will we ever learn to value life and the world we live in?

There’s still hope though. We should cling to that “hope” in order to rebuild this world. But how are we going to save this divided world? How are we going to heal this world in order to have a better place?

Let “CHANGE” start within us. After all, we cannot give what we do not have. Let Love start within us. Let compassion flow in our veins. Let God guide us to work things out.

Allow yourself to “change” then patiently wait until that “change” transcends to your people, until love transcends to the place we live in. After all, Love is the only antidote there is to heal the world.

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