To The Moon
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I wrote this poem years after losing someone close to me who took their own life. I often think of him as the moon. It wasn't meant to be a poem, but I have a habit of rhyming when I write.

To The Moon

All my favorite songs are love songs But my life is void of such a thing No one to sing those lyrics to Still I sing them anyway

I stay up all night just swaying to the thoughts inside my head All the people that I love They don't know that I exist

So I sing useless words with these crooked teeth My sore fingertips play the wrong keys

I spin around and around And I stare up at the moon The only comfort I have found He knows all of my truths

I dream and think that maybe now I could follow him tonight I could go up past the clouds and sit with him in the night sky

Maybe in such a place In such an afterlife I would have someone to hold and tell me everything's alright

So I let him sing to me all the songs he left behind I try to find just what they mean as he tells me not to cry

But the message isn't clear A heavy sigh, another tear I don't pack my things to leave for space I will stay another day

I will remember that the moon Is always up there in the sky I tell him I will see him soon But I will stay until my time

He patiently shines on for me I drive home under his light Some nights the tears make it hard to see But I will let him be my guide

And the twists and turns get easier I don't feel so alone So I sing love songs to the moon To my bright and shining stone

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