A Burnt Cake

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aitchvee Read. Think. Write.
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It's okay. If your cake is burnt, you have always another chance to bake a new one.

A Burnt Cake

I woke up from the bed, Admired the beautiful dawn. I spent time listening to the chirps of birds.

I was trying to forget the past. But how?

The sound of striking clock dragged me to reality, You left me. I realized.

I gathered myself to accept the present.

I walked towards the kitchen to find something to eat.

I remembered I did not take the cake out of the oven on time.

The same applies to my affinity towards you.

I wish I could bring back myself on time.

As a consequence of my actions,

I am left with a burnt cake and a soul without a soulmate.

Thank you! ~aitchvee

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