One of Those Moments
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Reminiscing of of those precious moments with high school crush

Source: Aisyah

One of Those Moments

by Aisyah

On the time when I was alone.

Was trying to sleep,

Oh, so melancholy.

That was you, who came after I asked you to, without hesitation.

The sky was glowing, it resembled you and your beautiful eyes.

The gaze on your pupil was so intense,

That it probably can tear up all my senses.

Those smart lips,

Brilliant brain,

Quick hands,

With the melody of your voice,

Enough to make me forgot completely,

About those equations you've been explaining to me.

"What was that again?"

"We are studying math for exam tomorrow, remember?"

Oh, okay.

So, you are still there.

Watching me when I was gone to the clouds inside of my head.

But, I can't still believe you were there.

On the one of those study nights.

In front of me, living, present, Existed.

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