True Love is Bliss Not Just a Kiss
 True Love is Bliss Not Just a Kiss love stories
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airatmaninravi AiR – Atman in Ravi, or Soul in Ravi
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People mistake Love for True Love, live deluded lives and suffer. ‘True Love is Bliss and not a Kiss’ examines the inherently Divine nature of True Love and encourages readers to aspire for the highest order of True Love.

True Love is Bliss Not Just a Kiss

True Love is bliss, it's not just a kiss

It's sad this truth in life we miss

We sing and we dance

And we enjoy the romance

But the bliss and the peace of True Love we miss

What is Love, seems a strange question to ask

Falling in Love is a very easy task

When somebody makes your heart dance

And you feel the romance

Life becomes beautiful and you live in that trance

Haven't you seen kids loving their mom and dad?

Friendship too is Love, it's not just a fad

When there is Love, there is bliss

Love is not just a passionate kiss

There are many different types of Love in fact

It's sad that people think sex is Love

Even without sex you can be hand in glove

With True Love, two become one

Yes, True Love is a lot of fun

It's happiness that takes you far above

When we speak of True Love, what exactly is meant?

In ignorance of True Love, our life is spent

True Love is really magic

That we miss it, is tragic

True Love is a gift that is God sent

Love is Love, but True Love is bliss

It is not just sex, it is not just a kiss

True Love is something great

But it is not everybody's fate

It is sad though we live, this treasure we miss

True Love is not just of body and mind

True Love is not something which the heart can find

What is our Goal?

Find True Love in the Soul

Then in True Love you will find two Souls will bind

With True Love you find that two become one

There are no disagreements and life becomes fun

When 'you' and 'me' become 'us'

Then there is no more fuss

And the treasure of True Love in life is won

The Greeks called Eros, the Love of passion

But Agape was True Love that was their mission

True Love was not just physical

And neither intellectual or emotional

True Love was to make Godly Love the obsession

If Love is so beautiful then why do we cry?

Why do lovers fight and then question why?

Because there is Love

But there is no True Love

The beauty of Love very soon does die

What makes you think that Love is a kiss?

What makes you believe that romance is bliss?

When you give away your heart

And you see it's torn apart

Then you realize that you made a miss

When you realize True Love in the Soul

There is peace in the Heart, and joy is whole

And you see beyond the skin

And you Love the one within

Then you have found True Love, your very life goal

In True Love, you are compassionate and kind, you give

True Love is such that you always forgive

True Love makes one free

And you live joyously

It is with True Love that one can truly live

True Love is a Divine Rainbow with Colours Seven

Colours that burst from White and make you feel you are in Heaven It is the Love of Body and Mind

The Love of Heart and Soul

True Love is Divine, it takes you to Cloud Eleven

It's time to stop and True Love to find

To go beyond body and to go beyond mind

True Love is in the Soul

What is the ultimate goal?

To discover True Love and put everything else behind

True Love is Spiritual, True Love is Divine

True Love is more orgasmic than sex and wine

True Love transcends the heart

And goes deep within the Soul

True Love is loving God and making life whole

When you discover True Love, you smile all the while

For you see the Divine, everywhere, all the time

You see beyond body, you see beyond mind

When True Love in every Soul you find

True Love makes life blissful, True Love we must find

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