The True Meaning of Yoga
The True Meaning of Yoga airatmaninravi stories
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airatmaninravi AiR – Atman in Ravi, or Soul in Ravi
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Yoga is the key to unlock the ultimate goal of life -
‘Liberation’, but to do so, we must understand the true
meaning of Yoga. We must bust the myth about Yoga that
is circulating all around the world and discover the true
meaning of Yoga.

Source: Air Atman In Ravi

The True Meaning of Yoga

by Air Atman In Ravi

What is the true meaning of Yoga?

Is it an exercise of body and mind?

If you go on a quest, you will know this is a myth

What it truly is, you will find

The whole world is doing Yoga

Two billion they say are at it

But isn't it a pity, though the whole world does it

What they are doing is nothing but a myth

Yoga actually means Union

It is Union with the Divine

It is realizing that we are the Divine Soul

Not the ego, body, and mind

Our Mind is a little rascal

It jumps from thought to thought

Who we are and why we are here

This important thing it forgot

The purpose of Yoga is Liberation

From misery, suffering, and pain

To escape and become one with the Lord

Rather than being born again and again

The whole world is seeking happiness

We all want peace of mind

If only we practice true Yoga

This treasure we will find

As long as we are passionate and desire

And worldly things we crave

We will find that misery and sorrow,

Will follow us till our grave

But those who live in Yoga

They enjoy bliss and peace

They unlock the door of Liberation

With little Divine keys

Anybody can be in Yoga

It is connecting with the Lord

It is escaping from this alluring world

And then becoming one with God

Yoga starts with Purification

Of Ego, Body and Mind

Then there is Illumination

And Unification of our Soul with the Divine

Everybody cannot be a true Yogi

He is the one who is always connected

Just like a SIM card that never loses network

It even roams with it

There are four doors to destination Yoga

It's not easy for everyone to reach

It is living with discipline and contemplation

Not just playing on the beach

Discrimination is using the intellect

To take charge of the mind

Deciding what is wrong and right

Leaving worldly thoughts behind

Dispassion is Detachment

It's not being a slave of anyone

It is not craving for anything

And being attached to none

Discipline is necessary for Yoga

Controlling the body and the mind

Like a charioteer who reins his horses

Stopping them from running wild

When Desire for Liberation and the Divine

Becomes the priority of our Life

Then we cut through this illusory word

Like butter is cut through with a knife

The Goal of Yoga is Liberation

Freedom from death and rebirth

Freedom of suffering and misery

That all of us suffer on earth

There are four ways to live in Yoga

Four ways to a Yogic Life

Four ways that help us to be in Union

Disconnected from the mind

The first way to live is mediation

Dhyaana Yoga is the name

It is about silent contemplation

Not just playing a game

The second method is action

Karma Yoga is what it is called

It is doing every action

As the instrument of the Lord

The third Yoga is devotion,

It is Bhakti and devout Prayer

It is a deep love for the Divine

Yearning for God through the year

Finally, is the Yoga of wisdom

It is Gyaana Yoga or education

It is spending time in a quest for the Truth

Till we find Realization

If one wants to live in Yoga

These must be the 4 paths of life

Not being passionate about success and money

And quarrelling with your wife

A Yogi is always connected

Nothing really matters to him

He lives and dies for his God

God fills his life to the brim

A true Yogi lives in surrender

He doesn't worry or fear

He accepts the Divine will with Joy

And laughs with never a tear

Yoga is union, it's a way of Life

A link that survives every bend

Till we are liberated and united with God

Till Life in this body does end

If you want to discover true Yoga

The meaning of Yoga you must know

It is living in Union with the Lord

Being united till the end of the Show

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