Religion is a kindergarten to spirituality
Religion is a kindergarten to spirituality spiritual stories

airatmaninravi AiR – Atman in Ravi, or Soul in Ravi
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Religion is just a kindergarten It's just a preparatory school

Religion is a kindergarten to spirituality

Religion is just a kindergarten

It's just a preparatory school

It prepares us for formal education

So that we don't grow up to be a fool

Spirituality is graduation

University that follows school

It helps us become graduates

So that we can jump into the world pool

What would we do without Religion?

Without ABC where would we go?

If nobody taught us the basics

We would end up with a poor show

But can we live our entire life

Learning in a nursery?

Imagine growing up as big adults

Just learning ABC

We all need to progress

We all need to grow

We need all kinds of knowledge

So that our life boat we can row

While learning is important

And it is a must to go to school

If we want to achieve our life goal

Then Spirituality is the tool

Who is God, where is God, what is God?

If answers we want to know

Then we must go on a Spiritual quest

Knocking door to door

We can't just believe in Religion

From birth until death

For it only teaches the basics

It is just like taking breath

From Religion we need a transfer

From kindergarten, we must grow

We must ask questions about God

Not just accept what scriptures show

Of course, we need Religion

We can't do without it.

But if we only stick to Religion

We will only learn the myth

Religion starts our journey to God

It builds our faith and hope

It teaches us to pray

And how in life we must cope

But Religion doesn't have answers

It doesn't take us to God

It doesn't show us a way

Where we can unite with our Lord

Spirituality is a university

It's all about going on a quest

It is not an easy game

And we must pass the test

What is Spirituality all about?

To realize we are the Soul

To be liberated from this alluring world

This is our Ultimate Goal

While Religion makes us imprisoned

In myth, ritual, and superstition

Spirituality makes us realize the Truth

And then gives us Liberation

What is the Truth Spirituality shows?

We are not ego, body, and mind

We are the Spirit, the Divine Soul

This Truth, it helps us find

Spirituality is not just knowledge

It is realizing the Truth about self

It first teaches us what we are not

And puts the Truth on the shelf

If we are not the body and the mind

Then in reality who are we?

Of course, we know we exist

Then the inner Spirit we must be

There is a Power inside us

That comes to us at birth

We may call it the Soul, the Spirit, the Atman

It's with us till we are on earth

But ignorance makes us blind

Making us think we are body and mind

We don't realize we are the Soul

With realization this we find

Realization can't be taught in schools

We may read many a book

But until we Spiritually evolve

Ignorance will catch us by the hook

Spirituality is a long journey

It needs a Spiritual Master

He will help us realize the Truth

And to God, we will go faster

What is the essence of Spirituality?

What is this all about?

It is our true Love for God

To God a direct route

But God can't be found in temples

Nor in church or mosque is He

God is a Universal Power

There is not a place where He cannot be

God is in you,God is in me

God is everywhere on earth

God is that Power that gives life

Without God, there can be no birth

It is not so difficult to realize

At death, we come to know

The body just lies on the floor

But where did the Spirit go?

The Spirit is the Lord that is inside us

The Truth is that we are He

We are not the Body, Ego, and Mind

Spirituality makes us see

Our Souls are not different

At death, we see our Souls pair

Just like when we deflate two balloons

The air merges with the air that is everywhere

God is a Power that is everywhere

God is Energy too,

God is in you, God is on me

Spirituality shows us this is true

But why is it that we don't realize

This simple Truth about God?

Because we are going round in circles

Praying to our religious Lord

We must go beyond our Religion

A lot further we must go

We must march to our Lord

And Spiritually we must grow

We need not change our Religion

All Religions in the world are good

But they cannot make us realize God

They give us our basic food

Religions are good we must know

They teach us faith and hope

They teach us to believe in God

But sadly, tie us with a rope

If we truly love God then we must

On a Spiritual quest, we must go

Our goal must be to realize God

Before the end of our life show

Most people believe in Religion

They pray from birth to death

But they never realize the Truth about God

Performing rituals till their last breath

But life is given to us

So that God we must know

We must evolve Spiritually

And our Soul to God must go

It is not possible with Religion

We all need Spirituality

Kindergarten can do the basics

But we need a university

So, make a resolution today

A quest that you will start now

You will not stop until you realize God

Take this solemn vow

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