Finel the Warlock: The beginning of a misadventure in demonology (WoW Parody tale)
Finel the Warlock: The beginning of a misadventure in demonology (WoW Parody tale) wow stories

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The first in a series of short stories, telling the tale of the life of Finel the Warlock of the guild Sunfury Battalion. If this is well received then more will be brought out. This is just some fun story telling for my friends who play wow, and the adventures of a blood elf who is probably the most careless warlock ever.

Finel the Warlock: The beginning of a misadventure in demonology (WoW Parody tale)

This story takes place in Silvermoon, the home of the Blood Elves of Azeroth. There is a lot of history about the Blood Elves, but that's not important.

This is about Finel and his journey to become one of the greatest Warlocks of the guild Sunfury Battalion.

Finel was a strange Blood Elf, he was always curious about magic, as all Blood Elves are.

Though his particular passion for the art of magic was more focused upon the Infernal and Fel side of the proverbial fence.

Ever since he was little he would go and talk to "ghosts" at the cemetery near the city of Silvermoon.

The other children used to make fun of him for wanting to be a Warlock, as Warlocks and non-magical classes are generally not seen as as important as those of mages, paladins and priests.

That was because again of the history behind the Blood Elves.

If you are curious, then I would suggest finding out more about the lore, this is about Finel and the path he has accidentally and somewhat haphazardly ended up on.

As Finel and the other children of Silvermoon grew, they were called in front of the class trainers of Silvermoon. The first of which was the most popular, Denara Eversun the mage trainer.

About two-thirds of the young Blood Elves went with her. She was beautiful with long red hair tied up and a blue robe that clung to her in the best possible way.

Most assume its a type of glamour enchant. The Second trainer who was also rather popular was Haris Lightsbreath, Paladin of the Holy Light and trainer to the recruits in his charge.

Haris is a older Blood Elf with white hair seperated into a ponytail at the back and two braids either side, coming over his shoulders, wielding a two-handed claymore.

I'd like to take a moment to explain that the Holy Light is generally generous and often gives the power of Light magic willingly to those who have the faith and ability to wield it.

Though to the Blood Elves, Holy Light is but another source of power for which they ever hunger for.

Leonic Truehair, yes that's his name, I know, He is the Warrior trainer.

He is tall, well built with blond flowing hair, we assume that being the reason for his last name, honestly the hair isn't even that impressive. He wields a Elven sword and buckler.

Those who are more physically and less mentally inclined, your alpha males, your jocks, etc. went with him.

Leonic was looking over his new recruits with scrutiny, like they were pigs on sale at the market.

The Next trainer was also rather popular in comparison to the mage and paladin trainer, Matron Narsilla. She is a lovely yet terrifying woman, Priest training is.... Varied, to say the least.

Matron Narsilla is slender and pale skinned, with dark hair bunched up and a colorful mismatch of clothing, almost like she isn't even a priest. But she is.

Next up was the rogue trainer, at first none of the young ones even noticed, but when Pathstalker Lontral walked out from behind them,

with an item belonging to each of the new potential students, there were, to put it politely, a few sneers, cursing and a threat of two thrown at him.

Lontral was dressed in fine dyed leathers with two painful looking daggers hanging from his hips,

the bottom half of his face up to his eyes was covered in a mask and you could only see his cheerful gaze as he watched the young ones rage at him.

Even though they were all annoyed, he still had a good handful of young ones walk over to his area of selection.

Lontral looked pleased and annoyed at the same time, a magnificent feat that sound a whole lot easier that it may be to pull off.

Sitting against the wall, almost ignoring all of the commotion going on was the Ranger Belonis, an agile looking woman, in thin mail and leather armor,

a bow leaning against the wall on her left and a wolf, black and grey fur, growling softly as she strokes his fur, his head resting on her leg.

She looked up at each of them, "those who fear the wild, will be devoured by that fear." she spoke softly and then returned her attention to her wolf.

Five to six people walked over to her but two were dismissed because they showed fear to her companion, they were sent back to the selection group to think and pick another trainer.

Those who were rejected by their trainers were sent to the group to be picked at the end by the other trainer whom saw potential in the rejected.

In the selection area where the young Blood Elves stood, was Finel. There were around twelve left in the group who had not picked or had been rejected and awaited selection by a trainer.

The last trainer eventually showed up. Dark blue robes, black and gold shoulder guards and a dagger. As he walked, the young ones moved out of the way not out of respect but out of concern.

This trainer, seemed off, creepy, almost scary to the point that some looked away. Summoner Fanorad stood at his spot and looked over the remaining Blood Elves.

" My craft is disliked and dangerous, but offers rewards for those with strong will and a hunger for true power".

Finel was the first to walk up to him and bowed slightly, " Please let me become your apprentice! I have wanted to become a Warlock since I was little.

" The other children laughed since it was not a well sought after class, even though a rare few of the high ranked Magisters were in fact Warlocks.

Fanorad nodded and looked at the rest to see who else wanted to train as a Warlock.

Two other came forwards, a well built young male with bright red hair and a scar on his arm, odd thought Fanorad and Finel, the second a female with short black hair,

a similar tone to Finel's but styled in pigtails.

The rest of the remaining were selected by the trainers, though Fanorad did not pick any from among the group. Which from the look on the faces of the other trainers was to be expected.

There were brief introductions among the groups and their instructors, before they were dismissed for the day.

The training these 3 Warlocks to be will be dangerous and life threatening if they do not possess the will power to control the forces they wish to wield.

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