The Panic
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When fear wins over you.

The Panic

Chaos racks my brain. Red clouds my vision. i don't know if I'm breathing to fast or not at all. Fear clogs my thoughts. Poison calms me. I feel someone holding me up. I hear someone talking.

But I can't hear their words over the voices in my head. I don't know who is screaming. The world becomes hot and cold. My body shaking. Blood spills over my thoughts. Tears stain my face.

I feel a hand run through my locks. I don't remember who I am with. I feel a knife work it way between my ribs. I someone's hand hold mine. I squeeze that hand. I hear someone saying they're here.

For a brief moment the pain leaves me. My vision clears. But my mind tells me they're lying. And I fall back down. I cover my ears trying to contain the voices.

Sweat drips off my forehead, but I feel like I'm drowning in ice cold water. I feel a hand on my back. Some how my heart heals. Everything turns black.I feel myself melt into the arms of whoever's holding.

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