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When you can't bring yourself to hate someone, no matter how much they hurt you


You lent me your hand once. Just once. But you are a master of time. You swooped down and helped me when I thought all was lost, making me feel indebted to you.

I ignored the bag of hearts slung over your shoulder. I was oblivious to the blood stains on your shirt. In that moment your sinister smirk looked like a kind smile in my innocent eyes.

I was naive. I was desperate for love. Acceptance felt like a dream. You gave these to me just once. And then you walked away, leaving me yearning for your embrace.

I struggled beneath the weight of my insecurities. I felt like Atlas, with the whole world on my back. I began to shrink. The pain was deep, but I wanted more. Anything to be close to you.

Just a simple whiff of your strong cologne set me in a trance. You had me in the palm of your hand. Sometimes you come to me with your head low, just wanting to be loved.

And I would always give you my all. And once you felt better you would walk away again. Like I was nothing. Like you didn't know me. My heart broke for you over and over again.

The knife dug deeper and deeper with every encounter. But I never pulled it out. I wanted the pain. I would face anything for you.

Then I began to open my eyes. I saw your forlorn victims' misery. I saw you for the monster you really were. But I couldn't bring myself to hate you.

I remembered the times you came to me seeking affection. Those times reminded me of myself. I knew deep down that someone had done this to you. Someone made you heartless.

And for some reason, despite all the people you've broken, despite all your blows, I was filled with pity instead of anger. I wanted to help you instead of getting revenge.

I wanted to love you harder till it melted the ice around your heart, to lift your soul and show you that love exists. Loving you gave me the hope no one could ever give me.

That even the worst people deserve love. That everyone was once pure hearted. So I decided to stay. I decided to drown in your toxicity if I have to.

I promised myself I would change you back to the man you were destined to be.

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