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Why doesn't anyone want to know me. Did the rumors get to your heads? Do you have no time for broken souls? Or am I too fragile? You don't know the real me.

Before I became half a man I was the liveliest thing you could see. I would go to parties and crack jokes. I would smile for pictures. I would show the world how lucky I was.

But now I need someone to bring me back.

Maybe I'm a little too lost. Maybe it's too late. Bloody thoughts swarm my head. Perhaps I'm a bad influence. I live in a dark place.

The only color I see are the few colorful smiles that pop up on my phone. But those are fading away too. Maybe I'm too much of a burden. Or too high maintenance.

My heart is like a caged circus tiger. Its only seen the whip and now its scared of the world. It wants to be set free. But there is no one who is willing to open the lock. Everyone has a key.

But they'll settle for a parrot or house cat. Someone entertaining and easy. I swear loyalty and truth. But who cares about that these days? People want to look good.

Fake love pours out of peoples mouths. I offer honesty. But that's when I realize, that's what got me locked up in the first place.

Nobody wants a nobody. No one knows my past. No one know what goes through my head. If you could read me you would cry. But no one wants to know. So I let the bloodiness surround me.

I reopen my scars. I feel satisfied, seeing what people have done to me. Satisfied because it gives me reason to convince myself that I'm better off alone.

But deep down I long for someone to love me. To have someone to lift my burdens. Someone who lets me mean as much to them as they do to me. Some one who turns me in to somebody.

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