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aint_the_usual wattpad: afro_under_my_hoodie
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Some broken hearts don't heal


The lines between friends, family, strangers and enemies seem to be fading to me. I can't tell who is who. I don't know anymore. After all they are all just people.

People lie, cheat, deceive, hurt and leave. My heart's a void but it has run out of space. It wants something to complete it yet nothing can. My love lost in an abyss of thought.

My brain burns every time I think of another being. I don't know who to trust. My secrets have been used too much. My name has been thrown away. I've lost myself to the people in my past.

I have no one. The emptiness kills me yet its the only place I feel safe. I imprison my soul within four walls, not letting it see the world. I rely on smoke and shadows for company.

I rely on my heartbeat for sound. I was so much more, but now I'm a shell of a human, just waiting for this pain to end.

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