Not a love story
Not a love story sweatpantscoffee stories
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This was not a story of 2 young lovers in a coffee store.

Not a love story

by aimeefr

Their story was, to a lot of people, a story of true love at a young age. However, to them, it was a story of an ever-lasting friendship.

The Beginning

They met in a strange way. A way usual people would find irrational and dangerous. Their actions echoed as the pages to the same book, were turned at the same time, in the same coffee store.

Upon noticing this, Emma took the opportunity to strike up a conversation about the coincidence with the college student.

Peter paid​ little attention. Although his body was present, his mind was very much elsewhere. After the first encounter, he didn't even recall what the obnoxious girl looked like.

Irregardless, they continued to read the same book, at the same time, in the same store.

And as any regular person can guess, they eventually finished the same book. And this time, Peter paid attention.

"Good book, huh?" Emma ventured. "Yeah I guess."Peter mumbled. And that was that.

The next day, Emma brought her own book and Peter brought his, as expected. But this time, they sat opposite each other.

Reading different books, at the same time, in the same coffee store.

Emma smiled as she finished the last sentence of her book, placing it gently down on the table just as Peter had 0.25 seconds before.

Raising an eyebrow, she pushed her book towards him and flicked her eyes to his book, expecting him to do the same.

Peter bit the inside of his cheek to hold back a smile as his book slid across the rustic wood table. He picked up his large coffee mug, returned it to the counter and left with Emmas book.

You see, their exchanges were almost always silent aside from the occasional giggles or gasps. Neither Peter, nor Emma minded this.

In fact, you could even say they enjoyed silently reading each other's​ books, at the same time, in the same coffee store.

This went on for several months and they slowly but accidentally fell very much in love with each other. They slipped little notes into each others books and bought each other coffee to meet with

One unfortunate May, it was time for Peter to graduate. Every other college student was jumping for joy and 100% ready to leave stress and school behind.

Every other college student but Peter. For Peter knew this meant leaving the small town, and Emma, behind. He ventured to the coffee store for one last encounter.

Peter explained his situation, took down all her address' and promised to write her every day. They promised to send good books back and forth every day until there was no good books left to send

Emma was heartbroken but understood. They promised to meet back up again one day, and Peter left with a gentle kiss on the lips.​

It's not known whether they kept writing as all we have of the 2 lovers is their notes and a good story at the coffee store.

However, it is known that this was not a story of 2 young lovers in a coffee store.

But a story of an ever-lasting friendship between 2 people who were very much in love, that read the same books, at the same time, in the store.

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