Entry 1
Entry 1 recovery stories

aimanmrt Closer to fantasy than reality.
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Acceptance leads to second chance, or third.

Entry 1

Someone help me pay my price, For letting down my guard twice. I'm in need for an advice, So I shall adapt and improvise. And hopefully as time flies,

I can finally roll down the dice, To move my dot while I lies, Towards the skies and I tries, To think a solution that fit my size.

Barge the door open, Rescue for my pride, its broken. Probably cause I'm a soft spoken, To let a women, Crawl up my mind and crack it open, Sprinkle up there some potion, To keep my arms open, For her every single time and dozen, Of lies that I believed so potent.

That’s the end I swear, No more enduring nightmare. These thoughts, they were crawling in my hair, Cause I can no longer bear, The pain and the prayer, Waited in my room for an answer.

Those scares, I toss them up in the air. But then I spare, Some of them to stay, So I can learn to be fair, And expect for a heyday.

I never really did, Something that cause us to split. I know she did it, I really did. But I guess when the moment fit, I have to let go from my heaven’s gate.

I write when I'm scared, Or angered, confused and betrayed. I seize this time, so they’re sacred. For me and this hatred, Maybe this will be a secret, So she won't be hated, The next time we decide to bury our skit.

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